Our Hospital Network

Our Hospital Network

Our Hospital Network

REGEN Ambulatory Care Centre is part of the REGEN HealthCare group of companies.

REGEN HealthCare provides word-class clinical, scientific and diagnostic services in addition to owning and managing healthcare facilities across the Asia Pacific Rim.

We pride ourselves on the surgical experience that we offer patients. With a focus on patient recovery and treatment outcomes, our specialist day hospitals are designed to provide the best possible environment for patients and our surgeons.

We are utilised by leading surgeons from a range of specialist areas including plastic surgeons, urologists, ENT surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons who leverage the expertise and efficiency of our staff and the advanced sciences our hospitals provide.

Our healthcare facilities are designed to be more patient-friendly and less clinical than a typical hospital environment. They are also designed to maximise efficiency for medical teams. All doctors have a dedicated and consistent team of experienced nurses for support.

To find out more about our day hospitals and the facilities available please contact us.